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Our Story

Protagnst is a company that was born international, with Brazilian and American roots. We started the company with another name, which is still part of the group: Intern Brazil. The company was born in China, when two entrepreneurs met on a professional exchange trip. In the beginning, our focus was on providing internship opportunities for foreigners in Brazil. Interestingly, we only had one big problem with this business: B2B lead generation. Connect with the human resources area of ​​companies of all sizes in the most varied areas.

On the exchange students’ side, partnerships were emerging and everything was falling into place. But the number of vacancies in Brazilian companies was much smaller than the number of foreigners wanting to come to Brazil, oddly enough.

As the company grew, we invested time, money and energy in different strategies, including but not limited to:

Google Ads,
Facebook/Instagram Ads.
Active prospecting by cold calling exclusively
event networking
physical visits
Hiring account executives from other markets

After some testing and mostly errors, we finally created an outbound process that really works. Before we started reaching companies, we studied our audience and created a marketing strategy focused on our PCI (Ideal Customer Profile).

After just a few weeks of implementing this new process, we had reached so many potential customers that we thought we could offer this same type of service to other companies that probably didn’t have this know-how, which it took us over 8 years to acquire. The initial idea was really to help other entrepreneurs and managers to achieve the excellent results that we were achieving.

It took us so long to be able to hold meetings with the companies’ talent acquisition (recruitment) area, that we began to value this acquired know-how even more. In fact, if someone had offered our company this service 4 years ago, we would have paid the price without even knowing how much it cost.

But, having had bad experiences with other service providers, our idea was to do it differently. We started by offering a very affordable service to companies. A service that is focused on results. We deliver what we do to ourselves. And that’s why we have consistent results for us and our customers.

As we created an international brand, the name needed to be a global name that could be pronounced in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Today we have clients in Latin America, USA, Finland and we will probably expand to other horizons very soon.

We pivoted the company during the COVID-19 pandemic to offer this type of service. We have great confidence in this process that includes strategies, techniques, tools and people both to operate and to analyze the result and propose improvements in the process.

Protagnst was created to help companies generate qualified B2B leads. As we practice a consultative sales process, we start to listen to the customer and apply our inside sales consultancy.

We work with B2B Outbound campaigns and other services to support the creation of marketing strategies and target audience definition, in addition to the structuring of business processes. We listened to the public and created solutions in line with the needs of our customers. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us to understand how your business can be taken to the next level with our service.

B2B Prospecting

We work both with outsourcing pre-sales teams focused on generating B2B leads and structuring prospecting processes.

Sales Playbook

The Sales Playbook consists of a manual of all pre-sales, sales and customer success documentation. We will list all processes and keep the content up to date.


We act in a consultative way to understand the bottlenecks of your business. From there we create customized solutions for your business.


The problem does not always lead to outsourcing or consulting projects. Often, what is lacking is just training aimed at the needs of the team.

“When you stop trying to sell and focus on helping your target audience, sales become a consequence.”

Fernando Ishi - CEO Protagnst

Our mission

Unite and enrich cultures, people and businesses.

/ How do we work

Meet Our Process

We act in a very consultative manner. Our process aims to understand the differences and needs of each client in order to help them in the best possible way.



A primeira etapa do nosso processo é o diagnóstico. Vamos entender suas necessidades para poder oferecer alternativas para resolver seus problemas.



Na etapa de negociação vamos apresentar a proposta, mostrar como funciona o trabalho e definir o escopo de trabalho, além de assinar contrato.



Nessa etapa vamos introduzir o cliente aos nossos processos de atendimento e entender mais uma vez suas necessidades.


Implementação e ajustes

O processo comercial leva tempo para atingir a maturidade. Além de implementá-lo por aqui ou na sua empresa, nós vamos fazer ajustes para otimizá-lo.

/ Protagnst Warranty


Protagnst is guided by the construction of a professional relationship between companies. We don’t want to have dissatisfied customers within our base and that’s why we offer guarantees.

No cancellation or loyalty penalties

Our customers only stay if they are satisfied. We have no cancellation penalty, just a 30 day notice.

Flexibility to scale the business

We can increase or decrease the contracted volume according to your needs. We are an option to scale your commercial team.

/ Our experience

Meet our Skills and experiences

Protagnst has experience in several business areas. Our focus is commercial, but we often end up going further and delivering solutions in areas of strategic planning, positioning and marketing, in addition to other important issues for your business.

Our skills

Client prospecting
Consultative sales
Negotiation and closing
Inside Sales
Strategical planning
International expansion and new markets
Sales Processes
Strategy and Business Management
How to handle objections