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Inside Sales Consulting: Generate Results for your B2B Business

At Protagnst, we will help you achieve better B2B results quickly. Enough testing.

We create Inside Sales strategies focused on your reality and on your ideal customer profile.

Generate Qualified Leads

We will create an intelligent inside sales process to connect you to B2B buyers. Understanding who is the right person to negotiate, and what motivates them to buy your product. You will have more quantity and quality of leads than your sales funnel needs. We will evaluate how the qualification of leads is going and identify improvements in the inside sales process.

Have sales predictability

One of the biggest difficulties of any company is to create predictability in its cash flow. Sales can be a challenge if you don’t have a solid process. At Protagnst we will take care of the operationalization of your outbound marketing campaigns so you can focus on what is most important to your business.

Save time and money

Stop hiring tools and trying to figure it all out yourself. By hiring Protagnst, you will save your time, energy, and a lot of money. We will create an Inside Sales process with a focus on generating qualified B2B Leads. We will save the cost of at least one pre-sales employee from your sales team.

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See how Protagnst will revolutionize your business

First, we will listen to you, then we will understand your challenges and see how we can adapt our solution to your business. See some of the services we offer.

Our Inside Sales consultancy is very focused on your needs. We work with consultative sales, and we will only offer you something if it makes sense for your company and your moment.

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In addition to consulting, we also work with outsourcing the B2B prospecting area and the commercial area for complex sales.

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Countries served

We use Inside Sales to generate opportunities in these companies

Consultoria Comercial para Startups e Pequenas Empresas

Through our B2B sales methodology, we were able to generate commercial opportunities in these companies directly with the decision maker.

No more wasting time qualifying disinterested leads. Come to Protagnst and learn how our Inside Sales Consultancy will help you to be able to help you generate qualified leads.

Fill out our form and learn how we can help you win customers like these or others more aligned with your ideal customer profile.

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Are you struggling to sell and build a scalable process?

We can help you leverage your sales area through our Inside Sales consultancy. Below are some of the challenges we can help with.

/ How do we workat our Inside Sales Consulting firm

Meet Our Process

We act in a very consultative manner. Our process aims to understand the differences and needs of each client in order to help them in the best possible way.



The first step in our process is diagnosis. We will understand your needs in order to offer alternatives to solve your problems.



In the negotiation stage, we will present the proposal, show how the work works and define the scope of work, in addition to signing the contract.



In this step, we will introduce the customer to our service processes and understand their needs once again.


Implementation and adjustments

The sales process takes time to mature. In addition to implementing it here or at your company, we will make adjustments to optimize it.

B2B Outbound Prospecting

One of the biggest pains of a business is generating a good amount of qualified leads consistently, month to month. At Protagnst, we’ll create a Qualified B2B Lead Generation Process that really works so you can focus on closing deals instead of chasing customers. We know that prospecting is strategic, but operational tasks are usually not worth the time of the salesperson or the company’s partners. See how you can outsource this process or build one from our experience.

Don’t waste time with unqualified leads and no real chance of generating business.

The size of your growth with us is a matter of choice. Fill out the form to be served.

Estratégia de Marketing

Do you know what are the main benefits of your product? Do you have an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) defined? What is the decision-making process like when a company is trying to acquire your solution? What problems can your company solve? What is your Unique Selling Proposition? If you don’t know how to answer at least one of these questions, then you should consider hiring our marketing strategy service.

By identifying what drives your customers to make their decisions, your company will have a much clearer positioning, and sales will occur more naturally and assertively.

Shall we schedule a conversation? Fill out the form now.

Sales Playbook

If your sales pipeline isn’t clear or defined, and your sales proposition isn’t focused on benefits, then our Sales Playbook is for you. Imagine having a manual with everything you need to sell, and scaling your sales team, in addition to having it done by sales experts. That’s exactly what we’ll do to help you.

If you are thinking of structuring your entire Inside Sales process, from prospecting to closing, then the Sales Playbook is exactly what you are looking for. We will help you structure your process so that you can delegate and create scalability in your sales process.

Shall we structure your sales process? Fill out the form to schedule a meeting with one of our consultants.

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Why should you hire our Inside Sales Consultancy?

We use the same Inside Sales methodology in our own business. We put into practice what we sell. You don’t have to suffer as we have in the past.

Understand your customers’ pain. We will help you to define them. We can help you understand your own market better.

We write brief, direct messages. We generate curiosity to put you in front of your target.

Reduce costs. If you’ve had the same results, you would probably need an employee to do this service, or hire an agency to generate these demands.

Save time. Stop wasting time on prospecting and cold calling. We can be your pre-sales and arrange meetings for you.

Relax and enjoy. By hiring us, your results will be a consequence of our work and you will have more time to lead your team to success.

More flexibility for your team. You can have teams working from home and you don’t need to have a very expensive structure to serve customers in a conventional way.

Less travel costs, face-to-face meetings and unproductive time between one meeting and another.

Process is easy to identify bottlenecks. We will work on inside sales indicators and your sales funnel to identify the bottlenecks of your commercial. Management is much easier.

Take the first step to hire our Inside Sales consultancy. Fill out the form and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

/ Won't hire us? Ok, you will keep having the same results

What is the cost of not hiring Protagnst?

You can look for other alternatives. But hardly a company will bring you the package of tools, people, methodology and strategy for you to achieve the best results.

The cost of not hiring us is wasting a lot of time training and hiring staff to operate.

It’s continuing to rack your brains to think about what could work in your market. We have a history of strategies that work in similar markets. We will do everything to optimize your time.

Without hiring us, you will waste a lot of time making cold calls and qualifying inbound leads who end up not being interested in buying your solution.

The cost of not hiring us is leaving things as they are.

It’s the cost of losing recurring qualified leads to your business every month.

It’s wasting your time testing various strategies that won’t work.

Invest your money in other alternatives that will bring in leads, but outside your target.

Cost of not relying on the expertise of a company that has already gone through the same difficulties you are going through.
Don’t waste any more time.

Start revolutionizing your business now through Protagnst and schedule a chat now

/ Protagnst Warranty

Our Guarantees

Protagnst is guided by the construction of a professional relationship between companies. We do not want to have dissatisfied customers within our base and that is why we offer guarantees in our Inside Sales consultancy.

No cancellation or loyalty penalties

Our customers only stay if they are satisfied. We have no cancellation penalty, just a 30 day notice.

Flexibility to scale the business

We can increase or decrease the contracted volume according to your needs. We are an option to scale your commercial team.

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