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/ B2B Sales Consultancy for Industries and Transportation companies (Carriers)

Why should you hire a B2B Sales Consulting firm?

Industries and product distribution companies need to constantly sell. Usually, companies whose core business is the supply chain area are very concerned with the delivery, production, and quality of their product or service.

Many of them do not have a structured sales and marketing sector. We at Protagnst differentiate ourselves from other commercial consulting companies because we understand business and your business. We have professionals with experiences in various areas, such as supplies, purchasing, production, and logistics, and who can help you do more business on a constant basis.

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No more overhead on your managers

Finding new customers sometimes ends up becoming a big problem in the lives of industry managers and logistics companies since there are demands from all sides to fulfill.

We at Protagnst are experts in qualifying leads for B2B sales, that is, we manage to leave your company face to face with the ideal profile of customers, offering your service in a constant and effective way.

Whether it’s the last mile, a middle mile, or big freight deliveries, we help you get more customers. Whether your industry sells to distributors or to retail, we will help you drain your stock.

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Organization and stability

Industries and carriers tend to be very organized in process and delivery issues. Operation is often the strongest side of the company. The problem is that not always the commercial of these companies is as organized as the operation itself.

Arriving at the end of the month without knowing if the company will hit the targets is a bad feeling. Even more so now in the pandemic, that each cost is very well planned and growth is necessary for the maintenance of the team and the physical structure of the company.

Investing in Protagnst commercial consulting protects your company against excess or drop in demand and failures of consumers or suppliers. Your processes will be constantly monitored by a qualified team. The idea is to adjust your process until it is running smoothly and flawlessly.

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Competitive Advantage

Most companies that work with Supply Chain Management as their core business generally lack well-organized Marketing and sales. The truth is that most companies are conceived due to the look of the entrepreneur who sees an opportunity or is forced to look for income alternatives, due to the moment he is living.

Even without much strategy, these companies grow, but many of them stagnate after this initial growth. Knowing the market in which they operate and the niche ends up being a difficulty for several players in the industry and logistics.

Our company came to help you exactly in this part, we define your ideal customer profile and study your market efficiently to tell you what the difference of your company and how it will solve the issues that future customers need. Leave with those who understand business process structuring.

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