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You must be wondering what business consulting is, right? B2B consulting works strategically to identify your problems and propose a solution that will solve your sales pain. We have a team of consultants who are specialists in consultative sales and will be able to diagnose your problems and then propose an appropriate solution.

Commercial and marketing consultancy can act both in the identification, execution and operation of the commercial, making your team save money and sell more and with quality.

We know that each case is different and that we cannot provide a solution without first listening to you. But, after many years of experience structuring our sales funnel and that of our customers, we have identified that there are some very common problems in the commercial area. See if you can identify with them.

Increase your conversion rate

Have you ever hired a B2B Commercial Consulting company or marketing agencies, which did not bring you concrete results? Do you do a lot of meetings and see little result? Just started your B2B sales operation and don't know how long it takes you to close a deal?

With Protagnst's B2B Commercial Consulting you will take your conversion rate to another level. We will help you identify what to do to increase your conversion rate. What is holding you back.

Talk to the decision maker

Many companies waste a lot of time “warming up” base. That is, they carry out a gigantic search to discover the name of the possible decision maker, and this data is not always correct. This makes the process slow, microscopic and non-scalable.

What if you had the chance to speak directly with the decision maker? It would save time and assertiveness in the process, right? In our B2B commercial consultancy, we put you face to face with the decision maker.

Save time and money

The B2B lead generation process is a process, which demands time, energy, training, knowledge, tools and a series of factors, which you can discover on your own and invest a good amount of time or you can take advantage of the know-how acquired by Protagnst to save that time and focus on what's important to your business.

Our commercial consulting process is able to absorb operational demand from you and your team and make you gain assertiveness.

We work with inside sales consulting to make your process more productive.

/ B2B Commercial and Marketing Consulting Company. Ready to leverage your business.

Don't you know how can a B2B Consultancy help your business?

If you feel that your sales process for other companies is lacking some of the points below, you should consider hiring our B2B sales consultant.

> Lack of generation of qualified leads;

> A lot of time qualifying leads;

> Long time of salespeople (expensive professionals) prospecting leads;

> Difficulty in evolving B2B negotiations;

> I don’t know how to get past the desk on a cold call;

> Dependence on customer referral strategies;

> Instability in numbers (there are very good months and very bad months);

> Feels frustrated for having tried several alternatives, which did not bring results

> I don’t know why my sales process doesn’t close deals. There is no consultancy that can help my process to close more sales

> My conversion rate is very low and I don’t know why!

> Is your company unable to attract high average ticket customers? Do you only hook small customers in your inbound strategy?

> Difficulty talking to the decision maker

> You don’t have process control?

> Do you believe that your business process is very complicated, difficult to manage, generates few leads and still has low conversion?

Lack of business planning. Goal setting and planning process does not exist.

/ B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting Firm.

Is your B2B sales process not achieving the results your company needs?

Find out how Protagnst’s B2B consultancy can help you leverage your results.

> Difficulties in defining who my customers are;

> I don’t know what benefits my product or service brings to my customers. When someone comes to me, I usually talk about the characteristics of the solution;

> Lack of monitoring of the main commercial indicators of the business;

> Disorganized processes that work differently depending on who runs them

> Feels overwhelmed by having to manage your business, generate new customers and still make sales

> Cannot delegate the commercial part to others on the team

> Do you spend a lot of time recruiting, training, developing and managing your pre-sales and sales teams?

> Can’t generate results in line with the company’s plans?

> Low sales conversion rate?

> Team has many meetings, but doesn’t close deals?

> Strategic sales thinking does not exist. Very operational and few thinking heads.

> I can’t reach my ideal client and I have no idea how to get there.

> I sell to clients who arrive, but I can’t reach who I want.

/ B2B Sales and Marketing Consulting Company.

Still not sure whether to hire a consultant to help structure your B2B Sales Process?

Protagnst specializes in complex sales and inside sales. We will help you to identify how your business process is doing and what points of improvement you have in your B2B business.

More than proposing solutions to improve sales, we will propose solutions to identify where the problem is, which can be in after-sales, customer success or any other area.

Some brands that trust Protagnst

/ How do we work

Get to know the step by step process of our B2B Sales Consultancy



Let's find out what your problems are, how your company is doing and the current situation of your business. Only after identifying the pain, it is possible to think of a solution.

At this stage it is important to assess what you already have ready and what you need to build so that we can map the gaps in your sales process.

Selling on the B2B market is different from selling to individuals. You need to define your ideal customer profile and B2B consulting helps you define all that.


Goal setting

After we identify how your company is doing, let's define where you want to go. In the goal setting stage, it is important to identify what you hope to achieve.

If you don't know what you want, you won't be able to achieve it. B2B Consulting helps you identify what you would like to achieve in the medium and long term.

Whether increasing revenue, getting more customers or even retaining those who already buy, the idea here is to define what you need to get there.


Action Plan

Once we know where we want to go and where we are, we need to design the necessary actions that our team and your team will carry out. It is important to define what will be operationalized by Protagnst's team of consultants and what will be operationalized by your team.

Our B2B consulting focus is to help you connect with more companies and for that, we will create many actions, in an organized and well structured way.

Depending on what you need, one of the end results could be the Sales Playbook.

Advantages of hiring our B2B Commercial Consulting

- Our customers only stay if they are satisfied. We don't have a cancellation penalty, just an avThe same methodology we apply in B2B commercial consulting is the methodology we apply for ourselves. You don't have to invent the wheel and suffer as we have in the past.

- We help you to truly understand the pain of your customers. We will help you to define them in a structured way. We can help you understand your own market better.

- We write short and direct messages. Let's get straight to the point. To bring you face to face with decision makers.

- Reduce costs when hiring Protagnst. When you hire us, you save time, staff and tools. You only use the essentials.

- Save your time and that of your sellers. Stop wasting time on prospecting and cold calling. Leave those boring, repetitive tasks to us so you can focus on closing. When compared to hiring your own professional, Protagnst ends up being much more financially advantageous.

- We win by result. The more results you have, the greater are our gains, as we believe in meritocracy. We have bonuses per meeting held and per closing, depending on the type of contract we have with our clients.
Protagnst is a company that works both in the strategic and in the operationalization of its commercial or pre-sales strategy.

- Unlike other consultancies that work only in the strategic area, and when delivering a solution, they create another problem (recruitment, training, development and management of professionals), Protagnst is able to offer a complete solution, outsourcing its pre-sales and sales.iso prior to 30 days.

What to expect from Commercial Consulting?

- A serious company that will work ethically, honestly, transparently and sincerely.

- Notify when it is not possible to make some kind of meeting.

- We will give you all the support you need during the restructuring process of your sales process. We will be the link between you and the world.

- Identify the gaps in your B2B business process.

- Clear and agile communication.

- Competent team and very interested in making your company an international success.

- Commitment and commitment.

- Constant guidance and sincerity regarding current operation and necessary changes.

- Operational team capable of absorbing the demands of your company on a constant basis

- Our commercial consultancy is focused on your problems. Let's help understand your pain and make a diagnosis of what needs to be changed. Often, when we try to propose a solution without understanding the problem, we have a problem that could be avoided.

- You can expect to receive a proposal that adheres to your problems. If we are not the best option, we will not offer a proposal for your company. We will only offer a solution that really adheres to what you need to solve any business problem that your company may be having.

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We focus on results. We won’t rest until you catch up with them. Book a meeting with us to better understand your business and identify where you should be focusing. Our commercial consultancy will solve your sales problems right now.

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We are specialists in B2B business consulting. We will do everything to transform your result. We understand business and sales. This is what drives us to achieve better results.

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Get to know our Habilities and experiences

It may be that your qualified lead generation process is going very well and doesn’t need help, but Protagnst will help you with other challenges such as:

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in average ticket
Improve the value proposition
Better understand my benefits

Here are some skills and types of projects we have:

Our expertise

Outbuond Prospecting
Consultative Sales
Negotiation and closing
Inside Sales
Strategical Planning
International expansion and new markets
Sales process
Strategy and Business Management
Handling objections


Most startups are very product focused in their early stages. Innovative companies really have to differentiate themselves from the competition. However, for the company to be healthy, it is necessary to make it sell and test the market. We help you with our small business B2B sales consultancy to get you out of the field of ideas and start making your business profitable.

Financial Services

Although obvious, selling financial services to other companies is not as easy as it sounds. The secret is not in the benefits, but in the way we approach prospects.

Everyone wants to make more money, be more productive, and reduce costs. Financial sector companies are a necessity. If you know how to help your customers, but you have no idea how to get customers, you should check out our B2B sales consulting work.

Recruitment and HR services

Executive recruiting agencies typically rely heavily on referrals. The process of generating opportunities or networking is often done by LinkedIn. For this niche it works very well, however, you have to have a strategy. Protagnst helps you create these strategies.

Our consultancy focused on reaching the B2B market will help you create better business opportunities.

Marketing agencies and Consultants

Outbound campaigns work well for marketing agencies and consultancies. While your agency may offer Lead Generation Services, you may be spending too much time qualifying these leads, or they may not be the size you would like. See how Protagnst will help your marketing agency to constantly create B2B Leads. Our Consulting will focus on generating qualified b2b leads for your agency to focus on delivering results.

Legal and attorneys

Lawyers, Lawtechs and law firms rely heavily on inboun strategies. However, they are generally targeting larger customers within a certain niche. At Protagnst, we will connect your office to the clients you want to work with.

Our B2B sales consultancy helps your law firm get closer to your ideal client profile. There are several strategies to leverage your result.

Supply chain and logistics

Industries and product distribution companies need to constantly sell. It seems obvious, but sometimes it's not. Companies that work with Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain) as their core business, generally do not have Marketing and Sales well organized. By investing in a B2B sales process, you will have a competitive advantage that will make your company stand out in this market.
Our B2B sales consultancy helps your law firm get closer to your ideal client profile. There are several strategies to leverage your result.

SaaS & Tech

SaaS (Software as a Service) companies are generally very good at inbound strategies and generating leads for starter plans. However, most of them have difficulties in attracting large accounts, the so-called enterprises. Let's help your company with a commercial consultancy focused on going after big clients. The b2b sales consultancy for SaaS serves to reach customers called Account Based Marketing, that is, customers in your niche, which are large and medium customers, and who will give you credibility.


The health area is one of the most important areas in the world. Usually clients working in this area work with a lot of networking and exchange of indications. We help healthcare companies to win new B2B customers. Our B2B prospecting company will generate qualified leads in the healthcare field.

Coaching and Consulting firms

Coaches and Consultants have a specific job of helping other people to achieve the result, which alone, they would not be able to achieve. Despite this, these coaches and consultants often fail to reach their target audience. Check out our b2b business consulting work to see how we can help them connect you with your ideal target audience.

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