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Have you ever thought about scheduling business meetings for your consulting with these companies? Or even talk directly to the decision-maker?

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/ B2B Sales Consultancy for Recruitment Agencies

Why should you hire a B2B Sales Consulting firm?

Looking for Business Consulting focused on HR companies? Stop wasting time. Protagnst is an expert on the subject. A group company serves this area and the company has several clients who sell solutions focused on Human Resources, such as the renowned Great Place to Work consultancy. 

We know that the success of a business depends on who works in it, so your company needs strategies to make its hires. We are here to help you during this process of generating opportunities and networking. 

Our company was born meeting the HR audience of large companies and we always had difficulty talking to the decision-maker. We tried several alternatives such as Cold Call, LinkedIn, Paid Media Investment, content marketing, and anything you can imagine. 

After we created the commercial process of Intern Brazil, we began to understand what works and what does not work for this audience. Our business consulting for HR companies will leverage your company’s bottom line. 

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/ Step by step to start your customer prospecting process

Discover the advantages of having a sales consultancy focused on marketing agencies and consultancies

See how Protagnst will take over your B2B prospecting. We will analyze your information and we will help you create a B2B lead generation process focused on customers very aligned with your goals, see how easy it is.


Stress-free lead generation

Within consulting companies and marketing agencies, there is a very large operational load on deliveries. Prospecting, being something very operational, but extremely strategic, ends up not occurring in the intensity that your company needs.

These processes generate overload in partners, who often end up not focusing on this type of activity. All this turns out to be a snowball. Prospect, create campaigns, define the target audience. You are already used to doing all this, but for your customers.

As ironic as it sounds, marketing agencies typically don’t invest in their own marketing and generating qualified leads. We help you solve this problem by offering a complete solution for you to focus on customer service and closing sales.

That is why we at Protagnst, take care of these problems so you can focus on what is most important for your business, leaving you stress-free and always achieving the best results, in a predictable and organized way.

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Organization and stability

It’s very simple, with our qualified lead generation system, we structure the entire process of scheduling business meetings for your consultancy or agency.

No more disorganization and wasting time and money on unstructured processes. We are here to stabilize your numbers and evolve your B2B trades.

We want to generate predictability for your sales funnel so that you have increasingly consistent numbers. As we operate with advisory sales, we can understand more of your challenges and propose solutions aligned with your needs.

How about telling us a little bit about what’s keeping you from growing up? Do you convert little? Do you have difficulties finding the decision-maker? Waste a lot of time prospecting? Do not have clear rules and processes in the commercial area?

We can help professionalize your business area. Count on Protagnst for this. Schedule a conversation and see how we’re going to revolutionize your company through our business consulting for marketing agencies and traditional consulting companies.


Cost reduction

In addition to focusing on generating value and increasing revenue, we will make you save money in the commercial area. That’s right. It will be cheaper to count on the support of Protagnst, than to internalize some functions in your commercial area.

Instead of spending time studying the subject of generating qualified leads, trying to implement a process that works, recruiting and training employees, as well as testing tools for the business prospecting process, why don’t you hire Protagnst and leave all this responsibility to us? Have a meeting with one of our consultants now and see how we can help your company save time and money, as well as leverage your business results.

We offer you a complete solution to absorb your operational demand, save your time and also offer strategic insights and analysis to focus on the sale and core business of your business.

Leave with those who understand business process structuring. In addition, here at Protagnst we earn by the result, that is, the more result you have, the greater our gain.

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