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Sales Consultingto scale your commercial areawithout depending on referrals

We simplify sales processes to increase the amount of qualified leads, conversion rate, average ticket and reduce cancellations, making your customers fans of the brand

Are you looking for a sales consultancy that will really help you?

Generate more business opportunities

Protagnst's sales consultancy will create a business intelligence process to make your sales soar.
Let us help generate qualified leads every day for your business process.
We do not focus only on quantity, but also on the quality of opportunities.
Our consultancy integrates marketing and sales so that the areas have common goals.

Scale your commercial area

The dream of any commercial director or business owner is to ensure that their sales grow at scale.
The challenges that your company faces today may be others in the future. Being prepared for growth is creating the strategies, processes, training and documentation for your sales to scale.
Count on Protagnst consulting to get there.

Identify your bottlenecks

We often find it difficult to understand where the problems in our business process are.
An outside look like Protagnst's commercial consultancy is essential to identify bottlenecks.
Knowing what's wrong is the first step to creating an action plan focused on results.
Count on our B2B sales consultancy to make your business grow with quality.

/ Sales Consulting direct to the point

Can't build your own sales machine and have predictable growth?

If you feel familiar with any of these issues, we have great news.

Our sales consultancy will help you to identify your commercial problems, create an action plan and monitor the execution of commercial strategies.

Why should you hire Protagnst Consultative Sales Consulting Firm?

Proven experience

We have already implemented more than 100 sales processes in companies of the most varied niches. We even sell rain! (NOTE: It's not a joke, it's true)

Get to know your clients

Let's help you know the customer's pain. The business process receives constant feedback. That's why it's important to listen to the customer and improve the business pitch every day. Let's help you with that.

More than sales

We understand business. And the commercial needs to be aligned with the business strategy. There is no point in generating opportunities and not knowing how to lead them.
We help you in various stages of the commercial

Holistic view

Not everything in life and in sales is a tool, technology or just people, processes or strategies. Our sales consultancy chooses the set of factors for your company to succeed.

We have options

We work with outsourcing of pre-sales, sales, inside sales and after-sales (Customer success) and as a sales consultancy, we structure commercial processes, provide training and mentoring.

Differentiate yourself

We are not the best, we are different. Everyone says they're the best, but we really are different. That's what your business needs to do: differentiate itself. Our sales consultancy will help you to do this.

We sell what we do

The same methodology used by Protagnst is applied to clients. Schedule a diagnostic meeting and experience what we do in practice. Our consultancy will bring that.

Save time

We will choose the most suitable strategies for your company, based on our experience and that of our customers. You don't have to rack your brains to test what doesn't work.
Save time.

Companies that trust Protagnst’s B2B sales consultancy

/ How do we work

How does our sales consulting firm works

See how easy it is to improve your business results with the help of Protagnst’s B2B sales consultancy.



In this step, we will introduce the customer to our service processes and understand their needs once again.



We will understand what you already do, what you still don't do and your needs in order to offer alternatives to solve your problems.


Action plan

Now that we understand and identify the bottlenecks in your sales process, we are going to help you put them into practice through an action plan.



The business process takes time to mature. In addition to implementing it, we are going to make adjustments to optimize it.

/ Protagnst's Guarantees

Our Guarantees

Protagnst is guided by the construction of a professional relationship between companies. We do not want to have dissatisfied customers within our base and that is why we offer guarantees in our sales and marketing consultancy.

No cancellation or loyalty penalties

Our customers only stay if they are satisfied. We have no cancellation penalty, just a 30 day notice.

Flexibility to scale the business

We can increase or decrease the contracted volume according to your needs. We are an option to scale your commercial team.

/ Testimonials from our B2B Sales Consulting

What our customers say about us

See below some testimonials from our consultative sales consultancy.

Ricardo Calheiros
Ricardo Calheiros

CEO - 2Solve

I am optimistic because of the direct and indirect results of the sales consultancy. The scheduled meetings made it possible to present the product offered and also paved the way for other alternatives that the company has to offer. I recommend Protagnst to friends, family and companies that are not competitors.

Aline Furtado
Aline Furtado

Managing Partner at Motriz, Executive Evolution

We needed to improve our commercial result. Protagnst prepares us for more assertive speeches, conducting business processes more safely. I am particularly happy because we reached our super goal for the year in July. I recommend it to anyone who wants to scale and make their business improve.

Paullo Anaya
Paullo Anaya

Founding Partner of Open Senses

Esta venta activa, nunca tuve. El departamento comercial fue reactivo. Siempre trabajamos con clientes que vinieron a nosotros. Intentamos atacar, llegar a los clientes e incluso traer socios al negocio. Probé de todo y no funcionó. Hoy tengo el área comercial y no tengo que cuidar de un empleado. Lo estoy disfrutando mucho.

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Countries we are in

Our Sales Consulting helped generate opportunities in these companies

Consultoria Comercial para Startups e Pequenas Empresas

Through our consultative sales methodology, we were able to generate business opportunities in these companies directly with the decision maker.

Come to Protagnst and learn how B2B Sales Consulting will help you get qualified leads consistently.

Still in doubt about what a sales consultancy does? Access this article and learn more.

Our sales consultancy will identify everything you need to sell more and with more quality.

We will implement best practices, including but not limited to methodologies for prospecting new customers, consultative sales, inside sales, after-sales and customer success, and much more.

/ Find out how our sales consultancy will help your company

What does our sales consultancy do?

We help you increase your conversion rate, generate qualified leads, implement good business practices and ensure the execution of the correct commercial strategy, freeing you from the sales operations, whether with outsourcing or consulting

Identify improvements

Diagnosis, understanding of the positive and improvement points in relation to the commercial.

Hit the right target

Strategies to reach the best client, the one you can really deliver fantastic work

Peace of mind

To grow with quality and know that you are using the best sales strategies

Strategic positioning

Greater clarity of positioning and understanding of benefits.

Clear benefits

We will help you sell the benefits to your customers.


Experienced team of consultants to assemble your real vending machine

/ Solutions from our B2B sales consultancy and customer prospecting outsourcing

Discover some solutions of our Sales Consulting FirmWe also work in other formats

Outsourcing customer prospecting is one of the most desired solutions by the market. Reaching the ideal customers is no easy task. It is necessary to have techniques, recruit, train and manage people to achieve good results.

We created a customer prospecting process that works both in the outsourced model, with the support of an account manager, and in the consulting model, monitoring and guiding your process so that you can get there.

Our sales consultancy will help you improve your outbound prospecting process, reaching the right customers.

The pandemic has taught us to work smarter. Not everything is done the way it used to be.

Our inside sales consultancy is able to apply the best market practices so that your company sells more.

We will implement prospecting, pre-sales, lead qualification, sales, and post-sales (customer success) processes so that your company can reach commercial scale.

Count on the support of Protagnst to structure the best practices of Inside Sales in your business.

Our Commercial consultancy is very versatile. We work in a very consultative way to understand your needs.

Whether problems in lead generation, qualification, retention or customer loyalty, we have a solution.

Regardless of the problem your company is experiencing, Protagnst can help with the consulting service.

We will make a diagnosis to identify improvements and apply an action plan for you to achieve your results.

The Protagnst Academy is the best place for you to learn, grow and succeed. Join our community and get trained from the ground up by experts in prospecting, sales, negotiation, qualification, objection handling, closing, and after-sales.

In addition to online training, Protagnst Academy offers mentoring and an exclusive diagnosis so you can apply the best sales practices in your business.

If you want more help, you can count on Protagnst’s sales consultancy to accompany and help you structure your sales process.

Do you know what are the main benefits of your product? Do you have an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) defined? What is the decision-making process like when a company is trying to acquire your solution? What problems can your company solve? What is your Unique Selling Proposition? If you don’t know how to answer at least one of these questions, then you should consider hiring our marketing strategy service.

By identifying what drives your customers to make their decisions, your company will have a much clearer positioning, and sales will occur more naturally and assertively.

If your sales pipeline isn’t clear or defined, and your sales proposition isn’t focused on benefits, then our Sales Playbook is for you. Imagine having a manual with everything you need to sell, and scaling your sales team, in addition to having it done by sales experts. That’s exactly what we’ll do to help you.

If you are thinking of structuring your entire Inside Sales process, from prospecting to closing, then the Sales Playbook is exactly what you are looking for. We will help you structure your process so that you can delegate and create scalability in your sales process.

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