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What is a Sales Playbook and what is it for?

You must be wondering: what is the playbook, right? The literal translation would be something like the playbook, tactics. This is all for the sales area. That is, the sales playbook is a sales manual, which looks at the process as a whole.

The Sales Playbook serves as a step-by-step guide, outlining everything your sales team needs to professionalize their commercial area. It is essential to organize all the rules and define exactly how you should work.

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Pre-Sales, Sales and Customer Sucess Playbook

We will help you create a Sales Playbook in a structured way. Let us help you think strategically about the best format to organize and structure your business process. Even if these processes do not yet exist.

The truth is, your sales process needs organization. We’ll think about it from prospecting to closing, through commissioning rules, discount policies, the lead qualification process, how to handle objections, and more.

If your company depends a lot on some salespeople or still hasn’t been able to identify what makes a salesperson a good salesperson, the sales playbook will help your company to identify these points and turn all this into a process, into a manual focused on structuring your business process.

B2B Sales Playbook

The sales Playbook can be used in any market. However, for B2B markets, the complexity of a complex and consultative sales operation may require a more robust Sales Playbook. That’s why for these types of operations, this sales manual is so important.

It allows the entrepreneur who is starting his entrepreneurial journey to put his entire business process in a manual, and later delegate it to other people. This document is very powerful and can help the entrepreneur in a very strategic way.

Even for companies that are already more structured, having a playbook can help define business strategy and identify opportunities for process improvement in each area of ​​your business process.

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How to create a sales playbook?

There are several ways to create a sales playbook. The simplest way to create one is to start with the structure. You can copy the structure we suggested above into the sales playbook template to inspire you to create something for your own company.

After choosing the main themes and topics, you will need to define who should collect what information. As in any process that is undergoing professionalization, it is natural not to have all the information.

/ Step by step to create your Sales Playbook

See what are the steps to create your own Sales Playbook

See how Protagnst will build your sales playbook. We’ll go through every step of the business process to document best practices and make your sales team scale.


Define the Sales Playbook structure

This is the first step. Before creating something. We need to define the structure of the playbook. We have already worked with some structures, but they are always adapted to the situation of each company.

With that, we now have a guide on how we will organize your sales manual. This step is essential before we start getting our hands dirty.

The topics will serve as a solid basis for checking the progress of the project. This structure will allow your company to organize itself and have a clear vision of what is to come.


Gather information and set goals

With the topics raised and mapped in hand, it's time to look inside and see what the company already has and what it doesn't have yet. Let's define what needs to be built, what needs to be revised and check what already exists and will not be modified.

In addition to surveying what already exists, it is important to define what the company wants. What is the purpose of the playbook? Define the process? Increase the sales? Delegate better? Organize the process?

This step is important to avoid rework and gain productivity.


Create an action plan

Now that we know where you are in relation to what you would like to have, it's time to create an action plan: simple and objective. We will map all the actions that need to be carried out by your team, ours and everyone else so that you can professionalize your sales.

For the action plan to work, it is important to have deadlines and responsible parties. After all, an undated plan is just a wish.

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Validation and adjustments

As the processes are being documented, it is important to put into practice what was planned.

Often, planning can get a little out of hand in implementation and adjustments to the numbers will be necessary to control the process.

More important than having everything documented, is reviewing the material from time to time, because the commercial is alive and always needs changes from time to time.

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