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/ B2B Sales Consultancy for Small Businesses and Startups

Why should you hire a B2B Sales Consulting firm?

The sales departmet is the main area of ​​the company. It is responsible for bringing cash flow and making the company alive. New projects and new clients bring financial resources to the company, which can hire more people, invest more, and organize the house.

If you are interested in growing your company or even maintaining its size, Protagnst sales consultancy is the way you need to leverage your results. We will help you to have meetings with the right persona, with your ideal customer profile, and make you generate sales every day through inbound and outbound marketing techniques.

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Discover the advantages of having a sales consultancy focused on startups and small businesses

See how Protagnst will take over your B2B prospecting. We will analyze your information and we will help you create a B2B lead generation process focused on customers very aligned with your goals, see how easy it is.


Understand who your customers are and what your market is

When we have a new or small business, it is essential to understand the niche in which it is inserted and what these customers are looking for. Thus it is possible to directly reach the interests of your potential consumers, contributing to the increase of your sales.

In the same way, understanding your competitors facilitates the identification of opportunities and threats, aiming to be able to take advantage of the gaps and niches that are unoccupied. If this information is not well structured, the company often finds generalized strategies that do not meet its goals.

Protagnst has an expert team helping you in the creation of well-defined and structured strategies based on the understanding of which your market and who your customers are.

We have a thorough process, which we use for our own companies and brands in order to really understand the market better.


We help you choose strategies that work

Creating new strategies is tempting for any entrepreneur, but often this pain of putting new ideas into practice does not pay off and they end up getting lost during the process.

When you have many ideas, the entrepreneur ends up losing focus and does not implement anything. Similarly, there is no way to implement something, if you do not know about the subject. For this you need to research and go after knowledge.

We at Protagnst know very well what this feeling is, so we will introduce you to our B2B methodology without a headache, a method that is already proven and even applied in our own company. No more regret following strategies that don’t work.

How about testing only what actually works? With this, we will leverage your company’s sales and make your business happen for real.


Save time and money

In most startups and small businesses, the owner is the one who ends up taking care of the main responsibilities of the company. Hire, guide, take care of the operation, the financial, and often, the sales. This is the role of the entrepreneur, who opens a small business or a startup.

The problem is that the commercial area is usually abandoned. It often requires a lot of time and effort from partners, and that does not necessarily return the investment of time in financial return.

We value your time. And that’s why we’re going to absorb a lot of sales operational tasks like B2B lead generation so you can focus on delivering and selling with quality.

In addition to replacing your time and employees, we will choose the right tools to leverage your result. You don’t have to keep going after knowledge. We bring you Strategy, people, processes, and tools for you to take care of what matters to your business. We leave you in the face of the goal with the lead.

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