B2B Sales Consulting for SaaS and Technology Companies

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/ B2B Sales Consultancy for SaaS and Tech Companies

Why should you hire a B2B Sales Consulting firm?

Business Consulting for SaaS and Technology Companies focused on the result. We have several startups and technology companies in our customer base.

We help your company in this process to master the marketing and sales of this area, going after large accounts, the so-called enterprises.

To go after big clients, we use outbound strategies, which has worked very well.

For large accounts and innovative companies with yours, you need to define a solid strategy and go after the PCI (Ideal Customer Profile). This is possible only with the help of a well-defined strategy.

Many SaaS (Software as a Service) companies spend a lot of time developing their product and forget to position the company and sell. This is a very common mistake, but, it does not have to be so.

With Protagnst, your commercial can be well structured. We will help you to prepare your company to sell with quality. Fill out the form right now.


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Discover the advantages of having a sales consultancy

See how Protagnst will take over your B2B prospecting. We will analyze your information and we will help you create a B2B lead generation process focused on customers very aligned with your goals, see how easy it is.


Leverage your growth

When it comes to SaaS companies, we often see entrepreneurs who care only about improving the technologies of their software and end up leaving aside a fundamental part: marketing and sales.

As a consequence, many companies end up with innovative technologies and very few customers. We at Protagnst can help you find the ideal customer profile and especially how to reach them effectively.

How about investing in the professionalization of your business process? If you are interested in outsourcing it, we can also talk. Schedule a meeting now.


Organization and stability

Our system allows you to help your company in an uncomplicated way. Although they are already born in the digital age, SaaS companies often do not recognize very well the exact profile of customers within their own segment and do not know what the real decision-maker is. This leads to frustration, as companies don’t even know where to start to find new customers.

Protagnst consulting is focused on constantly meeting the demands of your company. Initially, we will identify the problems, better understand how your market works and how to better qualify your leads so that your sales occur naturally and constantly.

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Attract big accounts

Most software as a Service (SaaS) companies have a very well-defined inbound strategy for attracting small accounts. The difficulty is in going after big ones.

One of Protagnst’s biggest goals is to focus not only on attracting customers but on customers who are aligned with the ideal customer profile. Be it big, small, medium, we will go after them and we will connect you with them.

As experts in outbound marketing, it is possible to segment customers efficiently and skillfully, aiming at the generation of leads of enterprises. We will dedicate ourselves in an integral way to transform your company into a national and international success.

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