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Marketing Strategy Examples

The truth is that there are a multitude of marketing and sales strategies. Not all will work for all markets, but here are a few that might inspire you.

– Recommendation. The famous word of mouth. It can be done manually or in a structured way. By having a process of professional referrals, this becomes a step in the process, which encourages the receipt of referrals. These indications usually happen when the delivery is well done and with quality.

– Content marketing strategy. We wrote an article about inbound and outbound strategies, which you can read here. The truth is that content marketing is one of the most powerful weapons of digital marketing, as it can attract people who are highly likely to buy from your company.

– Ads on Google and Bing. Advertising for specific keywords and people with real purchase intent is one of the best strategies to leverage your results. If you still don’t, consider it.

– Cold Call and Cold Email. Active B2B customer prospecting is one of the most effective ways to get new customers.

– Low price strategy. Here we are talking about positioning your company as the low cost strategy.

– Strategy of the highest quality and positioning of luxury, exclusivity.

– When you serve as a boutique, whether it’s services or products, the idea is to serve few customers, but that everyone is served with great quality.

– Strategy of having the largest quantity and variety of products. That’s how Amazon grew. With the so-called long tail strategy in digital marketing. It went on to sell many rare-to-find books, which were only found on Amazon. This made the company’s virtual store gain a lot of relevance in the market.

– Punctuality and delivery. Deadline accomplishments. a punctual company that meets deadlines is seen as a reliable company. This positioning can make the company win business in times of uncertainty, as the contractor sees it as a reliable company.

– Relationship Marketing Strategies. The idea here is to build a relationship channel with your customer through various means such as: social networks, blogs, email marketing and many others.

If you like these ideas and have no idea how to implement them, please contact Protagnst and schedule a meeting.

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Marketing Strategy: Your Company as an Authority

So, what is marketing strategy?

You must be wondering: what is the marketing strategy. The actual meaning will depend on the context in which it is applied. To do this, we need to take a few steps back and first define what marketing is.

Regardless of whether it’s digital, traditional, relationship or any other categorization, marketing is marketing. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing is:

Marketing is the activity, group of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for consumers, customers, partners and society at large.

When we talk about marketing strategy, we are talking about the strategy of applying this activity to communicate and deliver processes that generate value for your target audience.

When we define well who we want to reach, it is easy to verify that the strategies are working. The problem is that most companies operate without a well-defined marketing and sales strategy. This ends up disturbing her positioning.

The clearer the positioning, the easier it is to communicate the benefits the company’s solution offers. This means that you will be able to delve deeper into the persona study and use techniques to position your brand as an authority and at the same time generate empathy with your ideal customer profile.

We will help you define all this, so that your company has a very well defined marketing strategy aligned with your company’s strategic objectives.


Start defining your Marketing Strategy 

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How to create my marketing strategy?

There are several ways to create your maketing strategy and positioning . Here is how.

/ Step by step to create your Marketing and Positioning Strategy

These are the steps to create your own B2B Marketing Strategy

Get to know some of the steps and methodologies used to create your marketing strategy. We will help you to better define the paths to be followed.



This is the first step. We are going to have an onboarding meeting to go through the storybrand methodology together with our experience and other important points to define your future strategic positioning with you.


Identify differentials

Evaluate what makes the company different and how to use it strategically. More than something operational, the objective here is to understand what is already working.


Create and action plan

A simple and effective action plan. Focused on results and what you need to leverage results. Let's help you.


Validation and adjustments

As we validate deliveries, the idea is to transform the material into something that can be applied at different times. With the use of our methodology, it will be easier to create company communication materials.

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