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Outbound Prospecting: you face to face with the decision maker

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After all: what is customer prospecting?

You must be wondering what customer prospecting is, what it means and how Protagnst can help you in this process, right?

Stay calm. On this page, we will answer all your questions related to prospecting, from the meaning of the word, to the revelation of some techniques on the subject.

Customer prospecting is the initial stage of every commercial process. It’s the step we use to list companies or potential customers. Before contacting or making an announcement to the potential customer, he is considered a suspect. That is, even if he is within the ideal customer profile and even has the pain that you solve, first you need to confirm a few things.

In the case of outbound prospecting, this step consists of mapping the potential market and making the first contact with potential customers. There are several markets such as B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business).

In this article, we will focus on B2B. That way, if you are building an inbound funnel, prospecting for customers is the step in which you will create content (organic or paid) to promote your business and generate traffic to it.

In the case of companies that carry out active prospecting, this action corresponds to actually going after customers and making the first contact. Protagnst specializes in this type of process and can take this step for you. Interested? Fill out the form to talk about it.


Start your outbound prospecting process with Protagnst

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Prospect new clients with us

Have you ever tried to implement an efficient pre-sales team, but had difficulties finding good professionals, training them or even creating the right strategy to prospect new customers?

Protagnst will help you implement a results-oriented customer prospecting process. You can outsource your entire pre-sales operation to us or just assemble the process and hire it yourself.

We help you generate B2B leads on a recurring basis.

/ Step by step to start your customer prospecting process

This is how you start ousourcing your B2B prospecting operation

See how Protagnst will take over your B2B prospecting. We will analyze your information and we will help you create a B2B lead generation process focused on customers very aligned with your goals, see how easy it is.


Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Before you start prospecting potential customers, you must define who your ideal customer profile is. The ICP is a kind of persona. But, it is more focused on the B2B market, as it has information that is essential for the prospecting process, such as:

- Segment / type of company
- Company size
- Position of decision maker

This is the first step of our process.


Evaluating the benefits and positioning of the brand

Now that you've defined who you want to reach, you need to define what that person wants. In our methodology, we will identify the main benefits of your ICP and we will list how your company can actually help you.

Knowing what is important to the potential customer is extremely important for us to define the positioning of your brand. It is from this positioning that we will get in touch with your target audience in a personalized way.


Start creating your prospecting strategy

Now that we have defined who you want to talk to (ICP), what your position is, the benefits and pains of your solution, we need to define how we will approach this approach.

The creation of the strategy consists of summarizing the type of approach (formal, informal, friendly/serious), according to your ideal customer profile and how he should respond.

We will create contact scripts via email, linkedin, phone and any other means that may exist to start the professional relationship between your company and your potential market.


Operationalization of B2B prospecting

In this step we will get our hands dirty and prospect customers for your company. We will get in touch with potential customers, get feedback and try to schedule as many business meetings as possible for your sales team.


Feedback and adjustment

Nobody likes to prospect, right? She lied. We love prospecting clients for our clients. We do this because we have in our entrepreneurial vein the generation of new opportunities. And there's no point in being alone in the operation. It takes feedback and communication with us to adjust the process. Fine-tuning the strategy.


Analysis and monitoring

Everyday is important. Now that we have everything working, we need to analyze and monitor the results of your operation. We are always monitoring to continue with what is working and adjust what is not working. Count on Protagnst to always improve the process.

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