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/ B2B Sales Consultancy for law firms, legaltechs and lawtechs

Why should you hire a B2B Sales Consulting firm?

The market is changing and law firms need to adapt to these new scenarios. Getting customers and investing in the commercial area is extremely necessary to make a business stand out in the crowd.

The great advantage is that few companies invest in a structured way in the commercial. Commercial consulting for law firms, Legaltechs, Lawtechs, and companies in the legal branch is suitable for everyone who wants to gain relevance in the market.

We will understand with you what differentiates your company and what kind of causes and B2B customers you want to act on. The more specific and niche your business, the more we can help you. As long as your potential customer is a company.

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Discover the advantages of having a sales consultancy focused on law firms, attorneys and legaltechs

See how Protagnst will take over your B2B prospecting. We will analyze your information and we will help you create a B2B lead generation process focused on customers very aligned with your goals, see how easy it is.


Evolve with the market

The law firm market has been growing every year and competition is increasing. Standing out in your market is much more difficult, especially if your venture does not take into account the new formats of marketing and market positioning. Focusing your time and money on strategies or products that everyone does, will not make you have different results. You need to specialize and serving companies can be the way for your law firm to gain market space.

We offer the opportunity to attract new customers through outbound marketing, introducing you to new techniques and showing you how to really achieve your goals as a company. We have a qualified team available to organize and monitor these processes always aiming to increase your revenue.

We understand business and we will translate your language from juridiquês to a commercial and friendly language. We will make your customer understand what you talk about.

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Find Qualified Customers

One of the biggest difficulties of any company operating in the legal branch is finding its clients. The truth is that search terms may not be enough to attract customers. Or often they even attract a lot of people, but, the competition is high and the investment does not pay off.

If you operate with a specific niche in the B2B market, you should rely on Protagnst’s expertise to leverage your legal business’s sales. Lawyers, legal consultants, and technology companies in the legal sector can benefit from a partnership with our company.

Protagnst specializes in qualifying corporate leads and understanding what works for your specific office. We understand your pains in an organized and structured way to implement active contact strategies, putting you face to face with your ideal client profile.

Once hired, we offer this support and absorb your demands in a constant and qualified manner. Were you interested? Learn more.


Outbound and the code of ethics

It is undeniable that the law and the legal sector need to take more cautious measures regarding marketing and sales actions. Despite being a bit more limited, outbound marketing for lawyers and companies in the legal sector can be applied as long as it follows best practices. The code of ethics allows several actions and that is what we will do for your company.

We at Protagnst know that an ethical and correct approach is necessary. Therefore, we will always validate the strategy with you, to ensure that we are following the rules and code of conduct required by the profession.

We don’t want to cause any kind of trouble. On the contrary. We will help you solve problems by professionalizing the business management of the law firm, legal tech or legal sector company.

We are experts in understanding the demands of each market, especially of B2B markets, and in creating effective actions for your type of business in a strategic way with a focus on results.

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