Email Outreach Mastery: How to Stand Out in Busy Inboxes

In today’s digital age, where every inbox is inundated with a deluge of emails, mastering the art of email outreach has become a crucial skill for businesses and individuals alike. With attention spans shrinking and competition intensifying, it’s no longer enough to send generic emails and hope for the best. To truly stand out and […]

Sales Strategy: How to Build Yours

estratégia de vendas

Everyone who has a company, a trade or offers some kind of service has – or should have – a sales strategy well defined. It is what, in the end, will serve as the basis for achieving what every entrepreneur wants: profit, which generates growth and gives the business a long life. More than an […]

Sales Machine: Definitive Guide to Structuring Your Sales Machine

Attracting customers in a continuous flow is essential for a company to remain in the market, but growing a business’s sales is not a simple task. If you want to leverage your sales, maybe it’s time to learn what a sales machine is. The growth of a company depends on the joint work of different […]

Predictable revenue: how to get the most out of the methodology?

receita previsível

Are you related in any way to the business world and have never heard of predictable revenue? It’s time to change this scenario! Anyone who undertakes or manages a business knows how important it is to have financial control. In addition to cash flow and monthly expenses, being aware of how much the company will […]

What is outbound marketing?

Para que serve o outbound marketing - 6

There are countless ways to define marketing and sales strategies, but in the end they come together in two large groups: the inbound model and the outbound model. While inbound turns to learning and spontaneous searchby the leads, the outbound is active, does the opposite and goes in search of them. After all, what is […]

7 stages of the sales funnel: start with prospecting and end with loyalty

You’ve certainly heard of a sales funnel and know how important representation is for business. After all, it simply illustrates how a customer’s journey works, helping to develop strategies. There are numerous ways to present it, each with a more specific focus. And, in this article, we’re going to cover the 7 stages of the […]

Cold Call 2.0: discover the future of customer prospecting

Cold call 2.0

Prospecting customers is a task that is part of the daily life of those who work with sales. There are several strategies to get new leads and one of the best known is the cold call, that technique in which the seller or responsible for pre-sales reaches out to someone who may not even know […]

What does a sales consultant do?

O que faz um consultor de vendas

The sales area is one of the most important for any business. After all, it is responsible for guaranteeing a good part or even all of the companies’ revenues. Thus, having qualified professionals who know the market and who are capable of prospecting new customers is essential. And that’s exactly what a sales consultant does. […]

Inbound and Outbound: The definitive guide of Attracting B2B Customers

Inbound e Outbound

Inbound and outbound, what is it? There are many terms used to talk about the possibilities and different types of customer attraction. These terms, basically mean “passive prospecting” (in the case of inbound) and “active prospecting” (in the case of outbound prospecting). In this article, we will explain in detail the main differences between inbound […]